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Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress - Coco Chanel

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Gym today!

I’ve had a banana and half a yoghurt today. As i’m going to be leaving for th gym at 11 so I’ll be there for a good 4hours before eating again. I got my friend a free day pass for my gym today so we’re going to go work out for a couple of hours then go swimming after. I plan to have a salad or soup for my meal after along with a latte and fruit.

I’ve also done 100 jumping jacks and 20 sit ups and about to do 30 squats. Just to warm up a bit and set off my metabolism for today.

I know I haven’t been very consistent with my exercise lately as I’ve been busy, but at least i’m sorting it out now. I’m going to use my gym membership as much as possible in the next month, so that my mum may renew it for me so it won’t be cancelled at the end of the year. When I get back from my holiday next week I plan to start taking yoga classes twice a week to get motivated and into a routine.

Have to leave in a minute!

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So much planned for this week.

Today I have a lot to do.
I’m going to cycle to town later, I need to buy a present for my dad’s birthday and a couple more aspire drinks. Then after that i’m meeting my friend around 2 to have a catch up. Then at 6 I’ll be cycling all the way to the gym which will roughly be an hours cycle. Then working out at the gym in the evening and plan to relax and have a coffee afterwards in the cafe. When I get there I also have to sort out my membership… Fun…

But yeah I’ll be doing a lot of exercise today :) tomorrow will be a rest day. Then Thursday my friend and I plan to go to the gym again for the day. To workout and go swimming so that should be another day spent well.

So far I’ve had 50calories of grapefruit for breakfast and I plan to either make soups for lunch or some sort of egg salad, I’m not sure yet but it’ll be very low cal. Dinner will be 100cal of a latte at the gym. Once I’ve cycled home after I’ll probably just go to straight to sleep after all this.

I’m definitely going to be thin and fit for next week :)

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I can do this.

I said that I wouldn’t be able to do as well today. But I think I may be able to. 

Right now, I’m having 50cal of porridge with one small strawberry, 3cal and a thin slice of melon 25cal. - I didn’t realise that I can have 200g of honey dew melon and it only be 56calories! 

Anyway, my family today are quite busy so I should be able to fix myself my own food. I also plan to drink an aspire drink every day up until holiday, which mean’s I’ll need to go into town on tuesday and buy four of them. I’m so thankful that they’ve come back into shops! 

I’ll have to eat something before I go out so I’m thinking carrots and another slice of melon, plus lots of water! I plan to do over 200 jumping jacks as well, I’ve done 50 so far then I’ll do another 50 after breakfast. Then more before and after lunch, along with extras tonight. 

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2 hours down in the gym

I managed to burn about 880 calories!
And now I’m having a soya hazelnut latte 100cals worth. That’ll be my lunch. Then we may go out for dinner so I’ll just order soup or the lowest calorie meal there :)

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One week until holiday.

I want to get below 112 within the next week. I knowing isn’t impossible as before i’ve been able to lose up to 3lbs in a day. I’m up early today because I’m using the gym membership which was apparently candled but still running for me.
This week I plan to cycle to the gym every week day, then work out for a good couple of hours then cycle back home again. I plan to do this either most mornings or in the evening if my family plan a meal together. This should get me back into shape for holiday. When I get back I’ll do the same again.

Today’s breakfast is 10 rasberries and 5 grapes, vitamins, water and an aspire drink. I plan to burn up to 800 calories at the gym today, hopefully more as I won’t be cycling there.
Tomorrow I can’t work out at the gym because I’m seeing my boyfriend. But I should be able to go for a run and do a couple of workout routines.

Later I plan to eat carrot sticks for lunch then soup for dinner :) wish me luck!

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Pleased with myself

I did 200calories yesterday and managed to shift some weight. I’m not sure if it was due to yesterdays intake as I haven’t weighed recently but I haven’t eaten very low so I’m assuming that was what did it.
Today is my boyfriend’s birthday and I made him a cake. Amazingly it’s 50 cal per average slice providing I avoid a lot of the icing. But I’m not too bothered with a low day today. Obviously I won’t go overboard and watch what I eat but I’m not restricting as I’ll be with my boyfriend the entire day. Basically I will not have him worrying about me on his birthday.

I know I won’t eat much as I’ll be wearing my jeans the next day so I have to look thin.
Breakfast today is a banana and rasberries unless the nectarines have ripened.
Now I have to get ready so I can get to my boyfriends in time :)

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I think I’m just a little excited really. There are a few birthdays coming up. Then next week I have the entire week to myself just before I leave for holiday on the 11th. This means I can get fit and thin for holiday!